Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Clara Barton School is to develop, with the help of the entire school community (teachers, students and parents) inquisitive learners who are eager to meet their potential, who effectively communicate, are responsible for their learning and are internally motivated to learn. This is done through the exploration of technology and the delivery of instruction with rigor and fidelity, while creating an environment that is safe, nurturing and offers opportunity for academic growth and positive social and emotional development.

Our Vision

Our educational vision is based on the fact that all students have the ability to achieve in an environment that is safe, nurturing and conducive to learning. We maintain high levels of expectations, seeking to have all students exit at a proficient level in all content areas, with a primary focus on literacy and the infusion of literacy in all content areas. This is done by providing a safe, nurturing and positive environment where we address the different learning styles that exist in each classroom.